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The meaning of parallel groove clamp

The meaning of parallel groove clamp

The trench line clamp is used to connect the small section aluminum strand or the steel core aluminum strand and the overhead line of the stranded wire in the position without tension, and also for the jumper connection of the non linear pole tower. Electrical engineering materials (fittings) connect wires to connect each other. They are mainly used for power line engineering.

Reliable power supply is an important index of power supply capability of the power supply enterprise, which reflects the satisfaction degree to the power demand of the users, and is also an important content of assessing the quality of electric power. The reliability of line equipment is an important factor affecting the reliability of power supply, and the large number of trench clips running in the urban and rural power grid, its performance will directly affect the reliable power supply. The reliability of the parallel groove clamp is not high, so the power supply enterprise needs to increase the number of inspections, shorten the maintenance period and increase the operation cost. Failure or accidents caused by parallel trench clamp can result in large-scale power failure and threaten the personal safety of urban and rural residents.

The trench clips are all non bearing type, mainly with 3 kinds of bolt type groove wire clip, H type (or C type) groove wire clip and wedge type groove wire clip, of which bolt type groove wire clip is divided into equal diameter and ditch line clip and two different diameter groove wire clip.

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